Reporting about the legacy of prostitution in Azerbaijan was first the success of Vusala Alibayli. After that story, she was hired as a reporter for Radio Liberty.  At age 22, she has been working as a journalist for more than three years.


        Alibayli started at the newspaper “Sharg” in 2005. Since 2006 she has worked at Radio Liberty as a reporter in the social field and as host of a youth program.


        Journalism is a life style for Alibayli. For a journalist, issues determine what a reporter does.

          “I always say, the time of journalist does not belong to her/him. There are a lot of  barriers which are inevitable in this work – for example to wait for an interviewee’s response or finish of meeting, action these all demand time” Alibayli says.


          But she considers that it is a pleasure to meet a lot of people and gather a lot of information.

           “Only great interest and love of this profession can make you to be journalist and not to be afraid of problems” Alibayli says.


          In 2008 Alibayli has graduated from Baku State University, faculty of journalism. She thinks education level is not high there. That’s why Alibayli is planning to study abroad to get more practice, to learn more about electronic media and investigation journalism.


           Interest in investigation journalism comes to Alibayli from her teacher Don Ray – investigative journalist in USA.

“Don Ray was our trainer in International Centre of Journalism in 2007. He was always teaching us “Don’t embrace obstacles” says Alibayli.  According to her it is more interesting and something like as psychological when you are talking with people about their problems and their life.


            Alibayli won a prize from Media Right Institution in 2006 for the story “Give us information”, about getting information from officials. She also received a prize for “Dogru Dogusha Dogru” (Towards to the Right Birth) in 2007 for a story about Maternity Welfare Clinics.

“I’m also thinking of prize Pulitzer” – Alibayli says.