He spends most of his time not with family, but with stones, woods and hammer. Nodar Tabadadze, 47, from Borjomi, says that it is only way for him to earn money.

Tabadadze is a laborer. He will have a job until a building on Brosse Street is destroyed.

He is enclosing a dangerous place with wood fences, and then painting them. As the building is destroyed, he also cleans all trash – stones, woods, nails.

“Do you find my job interesting? No, it is not interesting for me. Because my education level is not for this job,” he said.

Tabadadze used to be an electrical engineer at a factory in Borjomi. During the Soviet era, he was a chief mechanic.

“When I apply for job they say we need only younger workers,” he says.

He found his job with the help of a friend. He has had the job since 2000.

“I worked like engineer till Saakashvili was elected, but after he became president I have no job in my profession,” Tabadadze said.

He usually earns 10 to 20 lari per a day. Sometimes it’s as high as 30 lari. Tabadadze says that his earnings depend on him. The longer he works, the more he gets. He lives with his son who is studying in Tbilisi.

“My wife and daughter live in Borjomi, I see them once a month. This work is unpleasant for me. I would like be with my family and work according to my profession in Borjomi. It is hard to live far from my family,” he said.