TBILISI, Georgia – As soon as door is opened you see the fuss among the young inside of the rooms. There are about 30-40 young people, ages 18-28,  some of them is with markers and papers, some drawing posters, some watching TV and reporting back to the group.

The 9th of April Youth Movement is preparing for the 9th of April protest.

The movement of 9th April specially prepared t-shirts for the protest. The word “Change” is written on the t-shirts. All members of the movement will be wearing these shirts on the 9th of April. They are also preparing posters with various slogans, for example, “Change your future, change Georgia, and change all!”

“We support idea of this protest to change everything towards better, to make peace, to improve level of an education etc. We aren’t related to a particular political party,” says Kostantin Mukhabze, activist of the 9th of April Youth Movement.

The movement leaders estimate that there will be about 600-700 of their members.

According to Mukhabze the goal of the movement will be control of the situation to avoid incidents on the day of the protest. Members of this organization think so, because the government will try to send its people to make fight among participants.

The young gave the name “facade democracy” to Saarkashvili’s political views. They think that there are no human rights; no freedom of speech in their country.

“Our court is a spectacle. In modern life this situation doesn’t match to us. For example, government raised the fee of the universities. But minimum wage of population is not enough to pay it,” says Mukhabze.

The 9th of April Youth Movement had protests in front of Ministry of Education and Parliament.

The result is “We achieved their fear – now the government is scared of Georgians power, Georgians youth, girls, and people. No one can break Georgian spirit,” says Mukhabze.

The 9th of April Youth Movement was created three years ago, and it renames itself when demonstrations hit Tbilisi streets. For example, they called themselves the 7th of November Movement before, when hundreds of youth attended the protests.  Now it is aply renamed the 9th of April.

“We will stay till the end even if we need stay in front of the Parliament at night,” say activists of the movement.
By Vusala Alibayli