by Vusala Alibayli, Salome Kasradze, Khanim Javadova


Photo taken by Khanim Javadova, student of GIPA

TBILISI, Georgia – The 42th day of protest in Tbilisi was uptight, in spite of the fact that not more than 2000 people were attending the demonstration on the bank of the river Mtkvari. Leaders of opposition parties gathered in the Rose Square and after half an hour Zviad Dzidziguri, member of Conservative Party announced the direction of demonstration.

“I am asking you to stay calm and be organized. Now we will move by the Rustaveli Avenue, then go down to the Elbakidze Street and then block the both sides of Mtkvari,” he said.

Protest reached the culmination in the Elbakidze Street when one of the drivers decided to break-through the people. He was against the protest. However, there were drivers who supported the protest. As 40-year-old driver Georgi Bagrationi,


Photo taken by Khanim Javadova, student of GIPA

“I agree, I agree with all what is happening there,” he said.

Kakha Shartava, leader of ‘National Forum’ advised Protestants to stay calm.

“When Government’s violence has no limit, when they kill innocent people, torture prisoners, encroach personal proper ty- of course, we are not insured against such provocations. We should stay calm and everyone should join the protest. And no place will be left for such provocateurs,” he said.

After Elbakidze Street, demonstrators moved near the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They responded to the police operation against the military service officers, when they arrested  2 people and killed one person suspected in the motherlands betray. Opposition leaders spoke in the protest that this action was completely unfair.

Photo taken by Khanim Javadova

Photo taken by Khanim Javadova

Salome Zurabishvili, leader of ‘Georgian way’ party called for ministry of Internal Affairs Vasil Sikharulidze to join them, but there was no comment from him.

“We will continue as long as it will be necessary so people of Georgia can make their free choice about  what in future they want. They want this government which destroying or new construction. There will be very big rally on 26th of May. This will be culmination of the previous protests but not the end,” said Zurabishvili.

After 40 minutes, protest near the ministry of internal Affairs was over. It continued in 6 a.m. in front of the Parliament.